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    • Product Information

      The Cinergy is an electric-powered camera car that offers maximum versatility in subject tracking and camera positioning. Perfect for steadicam, stabilized heads, jib arms and telescopic cranes. This unit can be loaded with camera mounts, camera equipment, sound equipment and the crew.

      The Cinergy can also be used in non-tracking shots as a base for the camera crane so it can be instantly moved around as needed without costly delays. The Cinergy is covered with aluminum cheeseplate with 3/8" holes drilled 1" o.c. to allow for infinite rigging possibilities. There are four panels that can be quickly removed and repositioned as step plates. Thirtyfour 1 1/4" speed rail receivers located on the deck, side, front and rear of the unit are used to secure the crew for any custom rigging requirements.

      The four-wheel independent air bag suspension allows the operator to make adjustments right from the control panel to balance the load and maintain a level surface. Four passenger seats, with seat belts, bolted to base plates can be quickly repositioned to accommodate various seating arrangements. There are multiple state-of-the-art intrinsically safe lithium batteries to produce 100% power for extended periods—a 200% increase over lead acid batteries.


      CategoryCamera Car
      Product no.1014780.00
      Top Speed56kph / 35mph
      Height To Deck69cm
      Front Deck Dimensions94x127cm
      Rear Deck Dimensions64x127cm
      Wheel Base178cm
      Speedrail Receivers34
      Front Load Capacity227 kg / 500 lbs
      Rear Load Capacity227 kg / 500 lbs
      Total Load Capacity567 kg / 1,250 lbs
      Max Tow Capacity1814 kg / 4,000 lb
      Kilo717.00 kg
      Height273 cm
      Width127 cm
      Depth152 cm
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