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    • Chimera Small Super Pro Plus X White 60x80x45Dramatically soften the light from your flash or strobe unit with this small Super Pro X Lightbank from Chimera, which features a WHITE interior for greater softening of the light.
      The softbox also offers a removable interior baffle and front diffuser panel for creating extremely soft lighting.
      This X Plus model offers a more form fitting design for the light, ensuring less light escapes from the rear of the modifier.
      Also, it can accept optional grids and can mount to a variety of different light types with many types of speed rings which are available separately.
      200 SEKAdd to cart
      • Sony FE 12-24mm f2.8 GM450 SEKAdd to cart
      • Kinefinity Mavo Prime Set 25-100mmMAVO Prime is designed specifically for large format cinema camera.
        Superb optical quality, nearly no dispersion even the lens aperture is full.
        The lens supports 8K resolution on Full Frame.
        It is very easy to create shallow depth of field and the smooth focus fall-off cinematic images.
        3 500 SEKAdd to cart
      • Profoto Connect Pro TTL-S for SonyYour gateway to the whole Profoto system.
        Connect Pro delivers one hundred channels that each host six groups.
        The large screen and intuitive interface enable easy access to the various settings, and you can see the settings in absolute numbers on the screen.
        Download Profoto Control App to see the settings from a device of choice; iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone.
        With a 100m range, Profoto´s Bluetooth-enabled technology AirX enables you to shoot from a distance.
        Prolong your active work hours with rechargeable batteries and stay updated with automatic firmware updates via Profoto AirX. Don´t forget to keep the hotshoe protection cap ON at all times when not in use.
        250 SEKAdd to cart
    • Nanlite Forza 60C RGBForza 60C redefines LED light for film and stills production with a 60W output, lightweight lamp head weighs just 1.08KG but providing high illuminance level when paired with its (included) reflector.
      Workflow efficiency in the studio or on location will be improved with its classic nano design, while on-the-go shooting will be a effortless job with a battery grip.
      400 SEKAdd to cart
      • Optoma DLP Projector ZH5071 500 SEKAdd to cart
      • Nanlux Projection Adapter for EvokeConverting NL mount to third-party mount to make fixtures compatible with third-party projector mounts, such as the ETC Source Four.
        Sturdy combination even when pointed at large angle of depression.
        It also comes with a ring for attaching safety rope.
        200 SEKAdd to cart
      • Dedolight Kit DLED7N-BI Bi-ColorSet with 3 Lights and Ballasts.
        The dedolight NEO DLED7N-BI is the perfect balance of output strength and control.
        Like its predecessor, the DLED7-BI, this light draws a constant 80w of power from the DTneo ballast by alternating between two 80w diode sets (tungsten and daylight) in its array.
        Gone are the days when you needed to choose between an AC, AC+DMX or DC ballasts with the previous DLED series.
        The DTneo, and DTneo+ (wireless option) offer all the functions you wanted in a single ballast, and more.
        Starting with AC/DC operation, the DTneo is a DC ballast with a V-mount plate for battery operation.
        The optional AC adapter electronics is built inside a battery shell that looks like and snaps-on exactly like a V-mount battery.
        DMX is now a standard feature in all DTNeo ballasts.
        700 SEKAdd to cart



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