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      • Nanlux Projection Adapter for EvokeConverting NL mount to third-party mount to make fixtures compatible with third-party projector mounts, such as the ETC Source Four.
        Sturdy combination even when pointed at large angle of depression.
        It also comes with a ring for attaching safety rope.
        200 SEKAdd to cart
      • Dedolight Kit DLED7N-BI Bi-ColorSet with 3 Lights and Ballasts.
        The dedolight NEO DLED7N-BI is the perfect balance of output strength and control.
        Like its predecessor, the DLED7-BI, this light draws a constant 80w of power from the DTneo ballast by alternating between two 80w diode sets (tungsten and daylight) in its array.
        Gone are the days when you needed to choose between an AC, AC+DMX or DC ballasts with the previous DLED series.
        The DTneo, and DTneo+ (wireless option) offer all the functions you wanted in a single ballast, and more.
        Starting with AC/DC operation, the DTneo is a DC ballast with a V-mount plate for battery operation.
        The optional AC adapter electronics is built inside a battery shell that looks like and snaps-on exactly like a V-mount battery.
        DMX is now a standard feature in all DTNeo ballasts.
        700 SEKAdd to cart
      • Aputure Amaran 200xThe Amaran 200x is a bi-color point-source LED fixture with stunning brightness, flexible color temperature control, and wireless Bluetooth app control.
        amaran provides the perfect line-up of fixtures for content creators, portrait photography, and video production.
        Perfect for on-the-go content creation.
        The Amaran 200x uses its 200W COB LED output to create an equivalent to a 150W HMI Par light or a 650W Tungsten Fresnel.
        450 SEKAdd to cart
      • Tentacle Sync Track E Recorder32-bit Float Recording & 24-bit Recording on microSD Card Low Cut Filter (24-bit) Control Multiple Devices via Bluetooth® (iOS & Android) Wireless Timecode Sync / Jam-Sync via Cable Up to 10 Hours Operating Time 30hrs (24-bit) / 23hrs (32-bit) with 16GB card 300 SEKAdd to cart
      • Sony ECM-680S Mono/StereoSwitchable Mono/Stereo, Switchable Low-Cut Filter, Wide & Flat frequency response 200 SEKAdd to cart
      • Astera AX9 8 x PowerPAR SetThe AX9 utilizes the AX5´s successful 3-in-1 concept which allows it to be used as wireless light and elegant uplight as well as a wired PAR light for longer or bigger installations.
        This makes it an extremely cost-efficient light and keeps your investment to a minimum. The AX9 packs extreme brightness in a compact and light housing while still giving you industry-leading colors and white tones thanks to its Titan LED Engine.
        Built in CRMX reciever and Bluetooth.
        2 800 SEKAdd to cart
      • Nanlux Evoke 1200B1 350 SEKAdd to cart
    • Lightsock 40 Dooplo for Astera AX1/TitanDooplo 40 covered wagon kit for 2 Astera Titan tubes complete with two blackout siders, a duo clamp and bag.160 SEKAdd to cart



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